As you may have heard by now, our Socially Geared CDA bike was struck by a car a couple of weeks ago. We were hit from behind at full speed (~35-40mph) by an inattentive driver. Fortunately, no serious injuries were incurred by either party. Unfortunately, our bike sustained significant damage and is inoperable and unsafe for use at this time.

As you might imagine, repairing such a large and unique bike is neither easy nor quick and convenient. In fact, at this point, we are not even certain it can be repaired at all.

Consequently, we cannot accept tour reservations at this time. Additionally, we are regretfully canceling all existing tour reservations.

To those who have paid in advance, we will begin issuing full refunds immediately. To those who have Socially Geared CDA gift certificates, we will certainly issue refunds, but to whom refunds are issued gets a bit complicated. Please mail us for details.

Realistically, we are most likely out of business for the season at the very least. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but please know this is completely out of our control for the time being.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult and frustrating time.

Please follow us on Instagram for periodic updates.

Thank you.

If you have any questions about specific needs or tours, please fill out the contact form below or send us a text at: 208.449.1013